Two 300 liter stainless steel tanks for market leader in eye care products

Gpi Pharma supplies identical stainless steel tanks for synthetic polymer

Our client is a specialist in the field of eye care with innovative eye care products. To replace existing tanks, Gpi Pharma supplied two identical stainless steel tanks for the storage of a synthetic polymer used for the formulation of – among other things – eye drops.

The existing tanks were due for replacement. Gpi Pharma received a request for two 300-liter stainless steel vessels, including agitators, valves, and filters. Gpi has delivered multiple orders to this customer in recent years. Gpi’s proposal and previous positive experiences and expertise, led to the decision to choose Gpi once again.

About the assignment

Gpi Pharma was tasked with designing and manufacturing two mobile stainless steel tanks with a working volume of 300 liters. The tanks were designed in accordance with the European Pressure Equipment Directive (PED) and are over 1.5 meters high, including insulation, legs, and wheels (nozzles not included). Compared to the tanks being replaced, the design of these tanks was improved with additional connections, without compromising the footprint and working volume of the installation.

About the stainless steel tanks

The tanks feature Klöpper bottoms and tops and are equipped with agitators, sight and light glasses, CIP connections, isolator connections, pressure gauges, safety valves, product filter connections, air filter connections, steam inlets, and inlet and outlet ports for heating and cooling, as well as an exhaust. The tanks were delivered with a control panel and CE marking class IIa.

Improved design with additional connections without compromising footprint and working volume of the installation

Material and finish

316L stainless steel was chosen as the material, with special attention to surface finish. The internal surfaces were ground and electropolished to achieve Ra ≤ 0.4 μm for the required hygienic finish, while external surfaces and welds were polished to Ra ≤ 1.6 μm.

Gpi delivered complete solutions, including CE certifications.

The Result

By delivering the new stainless steel tanks, Gpi provided total solutions to the customer, including CE certifications (PED and CE class IIa). These identical tanks – to replace old ones – were manufactured in Gpi’s production hall in Lopik and transported to our customer in Europe. With the commissioning of these new tanks, which meet the strictest industry requirements, the customer has a safe solution for formulating eye drops for many years to come.

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