Stainless steel mobile procestanks

These special stainless steel process vessels are suitable for use in multiple production lines, the transport of the initial material and the premixing of different ingredients for the production of medicines. Using mobile stainless steel process tanks for the pharmaceutical industry increases the flexibility of your production. We specialize in mobile process tanks made of stainless steel for the pharmaceutical industry – whether they are moved on wheels or with a crane. You tell us what your requirements are and we will develop a suitable design – fully compliant with all relevant quality and safety standards as well as applicable hygiene requirements. In this way, the preparation of medicines runs as smoothly as possible.

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For specific preparations in the pharmaceutical industry, the mobile stainless steel process tank can be fitted with an agitator, built-in weighing cells or a sight glass. We can build the control box and cooling unit completely on a skid, whereby the contents of the tank can be both cooled and heated. Do you need a double-walled tank? No problem: we make the process tank entirely entirely according to your wishes and compliant with the European Pressure Equipment Directive.

You specify your needs, we manufacture your mobile process tanks

Mobile process vessels for the pharmaceutical industry

Anyone who makes products for the pharmaceutical industry must know how the industry works. And our engineers know exactly that: they know the specific requirements, processes and parameters like the back of their hand. They speak the language of our customers – your language. It goes without saying that, as a company, we meet the required standards and have the right certificates. Mobile process tanks for the pharmaceutical industry: quality you can rely on.

Stainless steel mobile proces vessels

Hygiene requirements are high

As early as the design phase, we naturally take into account the hygiene requirements that are typical of the pharmaceutical industry. For example, we avoid blind spots and ensure that cleaning is as simple as possible. We also provide an optimal finish for your mobile process tank. We are flexible when it comes to the size of your stainless steel process vessel: you indicate the production volume and we will provide you with a mobile process tank in the right size. 


  • Tank, control box, and cooling unit mounted on a skid.
  • Tank with agitator, built-in weighing cells, and sight glass.
  • Design according to the European Pressure Equipment Directive PED
  • Completely drainable tanks, double-walled, with cooling and heating capability

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