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At Gpi Pharma we have joined forces of our pharmaceutical specialists within Gpi Tanks & Process Equipment. This team of specialists designs and produces custom stainless steel tanks and vessels for the pharmaceutical industry.

We use our experience, knowledge and expertise to provide good service and high-quality products. Our focus is on optimally serving our customers from the pharmaceutical industry, who often need complex and specialist vessels – including accessories.

We work from the head office in Lopik, in the heart of the Netherlands, with production halls directly adjacent. Colleagues from all departments work closely together to achieve the best result.

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We’re serving pharmaceutical companies worldwide by engineering and building customized stainless steel tanks.

Gpi Tanks & Process Equipment

About Gpi Group

Gpi Pharma is part of Gpi Group. Over the past 25 years Gpi has grown to become an established name in the Dutch metal industry and distinguishes itself by means of continuous innovation in technology, process and cooperation. The Gpi Group includes three more tank construction firms: Gpi Tanks Netherlands, Gpi Tanks Poland and Gpi Tanks XL. The parent company also encompasses Gpi De Gouwe (process equipment) and Beitserij Midden Nederland (metal finishing). The Gpi Group has customers throughout the world in the food, chemical, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries. The company employs a total of around 200 people.


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