Stainless steel preparation vessels

The development of new medicines is expensive. As soon as approval is granted, production must be able to start immediately – and not only for the currently urgent production of vaccines. An important prerequisite: the production facilities intended for this purpose must be one hundred percent reliable. And this is where we come in: You need stainless steel process tanks in which you can produce medicines? In which active ingredients and liquids are mixed in the right proportions? Which at the same time withstand highly effective substances? You have come to the right place with our experienced engineers. According to your specifications, our specialists develop pharmaceutical tanks made of stainless steel that are precisely tailored to your needs. After all, this is a centrepiece of your preparation systems.

Preparation tanks as an integrated solution

Stainless steel preparation vessels are, of course, only one part of a system. That is why we also develop integrated solutions on request. This can involve a preparation tank in combination with a heat exchanger, a control system, the appropriate fittings and piping. Agitators and cleaning connections? Pumps or hot water systems? You specify, we manufacture. By the way, we supply such systems as “plug-and-play” solutions – so that your production environment is not disturbed during installation. Of course, we deliver your system exactly when you need it. Adherence to delivery dates is our top priority.

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You specify your needs, we manufacture your pharma tanks

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We speak your language

Anyone who produces for the pharmaceutical industry should know what makes the industry tick. This brings us back to our engineers: They know the very specific requirements and procedures, parameters and processes. In other words, they speak the language of our clients – your language. The fact that we as a company meet the required standards and have the relevant certificates speaks for itself. Stainless steel preparation vessels for the pharmaceutical industry: quality you can rely on.  

Materials for preparation vessels

Production installations in the pharmaceutical industry must meet the highest standards of safety and hygiene. That is why Gpi uses the highest-quality materials available on the market. As specialists in the construction of stainless steel containers, we can supply the different stainless steel grades needed. This means we can deliver exactly the right materials for your batch tanks. Whether the austenitic “classic” 1.4301, the particularly corrosion-resistant austenitic steel 1.4435, ferritic grades such as 1.4521 or the duplex materials popular in tank construction, which combine the best of both worlds: We process the optimum materials for you. So that you get a batching tank that fits perfectly into your production.

Hygiene requirements in the pharmaceutical industry

We naturally take the typical hygiene requirements for tanks in the pharmaceutical industry into account as early as the design phase: we avoid dead spaces and enable easy cleaning. In addition, we ensure the optimum surface finish for your stainless steel tank; as a rule, we supply tanks for the pharmaceutical industry with a mirror finish. We are flexible with regard to the size of your preparation tank. You specify the production volume, we ensure the correct design.

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