Purified water tank

Storage tanks made of stainless steel are indispensable in the pharmaceutical industry – especially for pure and ultrapure water, which is required in a wide variety of applications. Our experienced engineers will manufacture a custom-made pure water tank for you. 

Solvent, carrier medium and cleaning liquid: pure and ultrapure water (or purified water) is one of the most basic materials in the pharmaceutical industry – from research laboratories to drug production. The storage of purified water has several challenges, as outlined below. And is therefore a case for our engineers. The Gpi experts are practically at home in the pharmaceutical industry and know the requirements and special features of the sector inside out. 

Storage tanks for pharmaceutical pure water

The first difficulty: Ultrapure water is needed in large quantities in the pharmaceutical industry. However, the usual transport methods (ie. IBCs), as for other basic materials for medicines are not possible. On the way the purified water would lose its quality. Instead, purified water is mainly obtained on site, usually by distillation or reverse osmosis – which is then stored in large stainless steel tanks. Which brings us to the second challenge: the storage of pure or ultrapure water in the pharmaceutical industry. Why? Improper storage leads to the formation of germs and other undesirable substances in the water. And that is exactly what must be avoided. The Gpi experts will help you to overcome this challenge by designing a smooth and cleanable tank.

You specify your needs, we manufacture your storage tanks

Stainless steel tank: Transparent cooperation

The solution already starts in the design phase. The design of a stainless steel tank for ultrapure water must ensure that all types of contamination and germ formation are excluded from the outset. In addition, the tank must be perfectly cleanable and allow safe sampling. In this way, the treated water can be used for the production of medicines and other pharmaceutical products without any problems. Our engineers know the requirements of the industry – and respond flexibly to your specific needs. Transparent cooperation, open communication and creative technical solutions: One of the strengths of our specialists lays in the close cooperation with the customers. The result? We design and manufacture an ultrapure water tank that fits your systems exactly.

Tanks for ultrapure water: Complete documentation

For all our creativity and know-how, nothing can beat meticulous documentation. The job is not finished for us until you have received all the documents in full. This facilitates validation, installation and finally commissioning. We make it as easy as possible for you. So that the ultrapure water from your system can be used as quickly as possible for the required medicines – and therefore benefit the patients concerned. 

Are you interested in the design and manufacture of ultrapure water tanks made of stainless steel? Then contact us without obligation. Our experts will be happy to advise you.   

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