Water for injection (WFI) tanks

WFI tanks, made of stainless steel, are the tried-and-tested tanks for ultra-pure water in the pharmaceutical industry – and therefore indispensable for the production of pharmaceutical products. Find out how Gpi engineers design and produce your WFI tanks on this page.

Water for injection – WFI for short – is one of the most important ingredients in the pharmaceutical industry. It is used primarily for the production of medicines that are administered as injections or infusions. The requirements for storage tanks for this water are correspondingly high. The highest expectations? That’s when our engineers are at their best. 

WFI tanks made of stainless steel: hygiene guaranteed

Tanks for storing water for injections must above all conform to the strictest hygiene standards; absolute sterility is the essence. After all, the health of the patients depends on the injections or infusions. And there is no room for compromise. In addition, the treated water is used to clean the corresponding production facilities. One more reason for maximum hygiene. We know the specifications of water for injection laid down in the corresponding monograph of the European Pharmacopoeia. The limits for microorganisms, heavy metals and other particles – our experienced engineers are very familiar with these. They take these high standards into account already in the design phase, avoid all forms of dead spaces and instead plan in possibilities for safe sampling. Finally, the quality of the water for injections is subject to constant controls.  

You specify your needs, we manufacture your pharma tanks

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Materials for WFI tanks

Another decisive factor for hygiene in WFI tanks is the selection of materials. In the pharmaceutical industry, only the highest quality grades are used – this is especially important for the storage of the purest water. Our engineers shine in the working of stainless steel. In addition to the established stainless steel grades, there are now countless types of stainless steel that have been specially designed for specific applications. Our engineers can always help and give advice, including on the coating and insulation.

Custom made WFI tanks for your installations

WFI tanks made of stainless steel are components of complex installations. That’s why we manufacture your tanks with additional components and connections on request – so that everything fits perfectly into your production environment. Is your pharmaceutical tank part of a pure steam production installation? Do you need sterile manholes? Hygienic connections? Spray nozzles for disinfecting the tank? Do you need 20-litre vessels? Or rather tanks for thousands of liters? No problem.

We design your Water For Injection tank entirely according to your individual specifications. Of course, you will receive the complete documentation for your stainless steel tank from us. To ensure that the integration into your system works perfectly. And to provide the patients with sterile injections and infusions later on…

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