Formulation vessels for medicines

It’s all about the right proportions: formulation vessels made of stainless steel are key assets in the pharmaceutical industry. Only when active ingredients, stabilizers and other substances are precisely aligned with each other a well-tolerated, health-promoting medicine is produced. A critical device for medicine production is a formulation vessel. But each formulation vessel is just as different as the pharmaceutical products manufactured in them; standard solutions are practically impossible. This is where our experienced engineers make the difference, as they are specialized in the design and construction of customized formulation vessels. We offer you everything you need under one roof: from project engineering and production to quality control, delivery and documentation. So that you can concentrate fully on your responsibilities.

Only the best materials for formulation vessels

Our engineers are true specialists within the pharmaceutical industry. In the design phase, they pay particular attention to ensuring that cleaning objectives are met: dead corners, edges and crevices are reduced to the minimum. After all, hygiene must never be compromised in the engineering and production of tanks for the pharmaceutical industry. For this reason, Gpi uses only particularly high-quality materials such as high-alloy stainless steel. Our formulation vessels comply with the strict rules and regulations of the pharmaceutical industry. Guaranteed.

Your requirements - Our handcraft

For the right mix

In order to ensure perfect dosing of the individual substances in the formulation vessel, various technical components are required in addition to the tank. These include an agitator that ensures the correct mixing of the substances. This agitator must operate with extreme precision so that the formulation and preparation of the medicines run smoothly. Gpi can supply with the complete automation (incl. CE documentation), depending on your requirements.

Controlled framework conditions for formulation vessels

The sterility of the process needs to be examined very precisely. Depending on the production objective, the preparation of pharmaceutical products takes place at different temperatures. We know these challenges like the back of our hand: our engineers design a stainless steel formulation vessel so that your process runs under ideal conditions and drug preparations remain intact and effective. Controlled framework conditions, for example through cooling and temperature regulation, are a basic prerequisite for successful drug preparation.

Your wishes come first

You want to combine several formulation vessels? No problem, we will look for the most cost-effective design. Our engineers will also advise you on the suitable combination of tanks and other components. For example, if you need insulator systems, valves and aseptic flanges, you have definitely found the right place at Gpi. What dimensions should your formulation vessel have? We select the right components based on your requirements, applicable norms and determine parameters such as wall thickness and diameter. So that you end up with a perfect stainless steel formulation vessel.

Are you interested in the production of formulation vessels made of stainless steel?