Atmospheric vessels for the pharmaceutical industry

10 x 60 litre stainless steel pharmaceutical barrels for waste liquid

Gpi delivered 10 x 60 litre vessels for a client in the pharmaceutical industry. Our client specialises in translational vaccine technology. The vessels are designed for waste fluid. The vessels have a small radius so that they can easily be moved. The tanks can be picked up and moved using a winch.

The project involved atmospheric tanks provided with a conical top, flat bottom and an aerator with a hose at the top.

About the client

Our client specialises in translational vaccine technology. They are an experienced non-profit R&D organisation. They optimise vaccinations, vaccination processes and technologies.

Translational research can be described as a phase in the knowledge chain. It encompasses all the steps from the identification (in patients or patient material) of starting points for diagnostics, prevention or therapy up to and including early-clinical practical applications. Questions can stem from both clinical practice or the lab.

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