420L mobile stainless steel vessel for eye ointment

Gpi Pharma delivers an electrically powered stainless steel tank for a client in the eye care sector

The client is a prominent player in the eye care industry, providing innovative eye care products. Gpi Pharma received a request for a stainless steel tank designed for the internal transportation of eye ointment and gel, ensuring optimal storage and movement before packaging into tubes for end-users.

Following several previous orders for this client, Gpi received a new order. The assignment involved the design and manufacturing of a 420-liter mobile stainless steel tank with electrically powered wheels.

The design

Based on the client’s requirements, Gpi handled the engineering of the ointment tank. To ensure optimal storage and monitoring, the tank was insulated and equipped with agitators, pressure gauge, sight glass, light glass, CIP connection, safety valve, air filter connection, product inlet and outlet, and steam inlet. The tank was designed according to the PED standard, the European Pressure Equipment Directive.

The tank's movement is powered by an electric drive, making it easier for the operator to handle, especially in tight spaces

About the tank

The tank, with a height over 2 meters, was constructed from stainless steel 316L and equipped with 3 legs on load cells. What makes this vessel unique is the electrically powered wheels, meeting safety standards, facilitating easier movement of the tank. This relieves the operator and allows the tank to rotate with a short turning radius in a small space.

The interior of the tank was electronically polished and received a smooth finish with Ra ≤ 0.6 μm. The electrical connections and pneumatics at Gpi’s production location were handled by a party chosen by the customer.

Gpi delivered a user-friendly and sustainable solution, including CE certifications

The result

After the Factory Acceptance Test (FAT), the tank was almost ready for departure from the production hall in Lopik. Following final adjustments, Gpi arranged transport to the customer in Europe. The tank was delivered with CE certifications (PED & CE IIa). With the introduction of the new mobile tank, the client now has a user-friendly and sustainable solution for transporting eye ointment, ensuring no compromise in product quality.

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