67l mobile stainless steel reactor vessel for a customer in the pharmaceutical industry

For a new production line of a complex type of eye fluid, a new mobile stainless steel reactor vessel was needed. Gpi came into the picture.

A renowned eye care company was looking for a party that could design, produce and install a complete stainless steel reactor vessel including all fittings. Gpi was approached because of positive experiences in previous projects and because of the in-house expertise. When Gpi was able to meet the requirements, Gpi was asked to design, produce and install this 67L stainless steel reactor vessel.

The order

The assignment comprises the design and production of a reactor vessel with a capacity of 67 litres and the associated fittings. Gpi delivered the complete reactor with frame, sight glasses, pressure relief valve, mixer, valves and electrical control box. Also, everything was arranged with the sub-suppliers to build the whole together. The customer supplied the automation software and accessories such as filters, pressure gauge and scales. Gpi provided the final finishing and integration of these parts in and on the tank. The electrical control box and cabling to the mixer and valves were provided by an external company.

The entire vessel was produced in the production hall at Gpi’s headquarters in Lopik in The Netherlands and then transported by road to the customer on the agreed date.

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